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Charge meter

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Mine is a 1990 20', and the "dashboard" charge meter has suddenly stopped working.  I have checked the voltage to the meter and it is ~36V.  The resistance across the meter is 0 ohms.  I think I need a new meter.  Any suggestions?

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Ebay.   I'm partial to military gauges,  particularly Phaostrons,  also Simpson,  Hickock,  Weston, and others.   You'd want a dc voltmeter going to about 50 volts if you have a 36v system.  Pay attention to sizes,  as some are bigger than others.   Make sure you remove your existing one and measure the part that goes into the dash. 

You could also search for a charge meter which would look more like a fuel gauge,  i. e.  Empty,  Half,  Full,  Charging.   

If you want to keep it stock,  call Duffy,  and they'll sell you a replacement.