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I have a 2017 Sun Cruiser 22. The charger currently installed is the Delta-q QuiQ 922-4800-01. The current model replacement is apparently the Delta-q QuiQ 1500 48V 914480001. I can't find anyone that has one of these in stock. Is there an alternative to this charger? Any other suggestions?



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Hello, Craig:

I assume you have Lead Acid batteries and a separate 48V to 12V DC to DC converter, correct?  If the DC to DC converter is built into your charger, that becomes a bit more complicated.  In that case, I believe Duffy has a replacement kit that includes the charger and a separate DC to DC converter.  It's pricey, I'm sure, but it's probably the quickest and easiest way to get going again.  Have you talked to Duffy or a Duffy dealer?

Otherwise, you can find 48V lead acid chargers on Amazon.  You may have to add or modify connectors, but that is probably a less expensive way to go.  You can also find DC to DC converters there, if you are into DIY repairs.

Good luck, and please let us know what you end up doing.


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Beyond what @robhouston said, beware that you can't just drop in any QuiQ-dci 1000/1500 that you find. It has to be programmed with the correct charging algorithm. The algorithm Duffy uses has ID 001 and is called "Trojan T105 flooded". If you provide this information to a DeltaQ retailer, they can program it for you.