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Music festival looking to partner with boat owners

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Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all doing well. I work for a music and arts festival that takes place in Bakersfield, California (two hours north of Los Angeles) and we are looking to rent four Duffy Boats for five days in May 2022 (Memorial Day weekend). The location of the festival has a beautiful lake and we would like to offer boat taxi service between two main areas of the festival. The style of Duffy Boats is perfect for our vision; however, I've been having trouble finding interested parties. 

I reached out to numerous boat rental companies (including all the ones listed on this forum) and boat clubs, but haven't had luck. One reason being that a lot of the companies are quite a distance from Bakersfield, either in Newport Beach or the San Francisco Bay Area. I've also been in touch with Duffy, but they only offered to sell us boats. Unfortunately, that is out of our budget, especially since we only hold the festival once a year.

Does anybody have any other ideas? Or know of Duffy boat owners closer to Bakersfield? Any leads are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,