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Speed controller issues

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Infa speed controller interment forward/reverse 

Duffy 1988 good shape

any help appreciated 

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I am having same issue. Anyone dealt with this?

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I, too have had intermittant power issues with the original Curtis Controller and Throttle. Tried a rebuilt substitute, no improvement.

Bought new Alltrax Controller and Throttle. It only works midspeed, shuts off underway, will not run motor again.

Paddled home, then got motor to run in slip next day, and run midspeed in forward and reverse midspeed, but starts missing when adding speed.

No solution offered by Duffy. Tried ordering wire brush set to rebuild motor to elimate motor possible csuses, parts needed back ordered over 8 months, says Duffy. Supply chain isdues in reveiving fl orders from manufacturer.

Dead in the water. Anyone able to redolve these issues?


EMAIL. duffy4sale@att.net



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@duf21 When the motor stops running, have you checked to see if it's still getting voltage from the controller?  That should give you some clues about where to look ---- the motor or the controller.  It sounds like a possible motor overheating problem to me.  How old is the motor?  If needed, any competent electric motor shop can rebuild it for you.  I wouldn't waste time waiting on Duffy if the motor needs work.

In terms of the new Alltrax controller, was this recommended or sold by Duffy?  Which model did they suggest, and for which motor?   Did you (or Duffy) calibrate the throttle to the controller? 

Other possibilities are the throttle (aka actuator) microswitches (can be tested using an ohmmeter), loose wiring connections, etc, but I'd start by focusing on the motor and controller/throttle.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.