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Great Rebuilder of old Duffy

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My 93 Duffy needed a lot of electrical work. The team at Costal Cars & Carts fixed all issues. My old boat is like new. Cannot recommend highly enough. They will call Duffy Tech in a flash and speak their DC volt language. Work till they get it right. Took 19 hours to do yeh list below yet only cost $1,600. 

Duffy 21 Repair Task list


  1. Inop 12 volt female plug, located near horn wiring in cuddly cabin, check wireing, plug working or replace with my new one. 


  1. Replace old dryer charging cable with new cable one ft  longer. Replace old dryer 120 volt electrical plug I supplied. Add my new cover over old 30  amp charging plug.


  1.   Bow light, replace with new led light I supplied  check wiring.


  1. Horns (worked till I upgraded Horns) please get working.


  1. Stern light (works sometimes) check wiring.    


  1. Cockpit interior overhead light, works sometimes, check wiring.


  1. Cockpit Interior floor deck lights (some work some do not, bulbs)get all working.


  1. Battery gauge on console needs electrical connections to report 36 volt battery charge condition.


  1. Check wires to charging signal indicator green light located below helm switches to indicate when 120 volt is in use. Replace with my light new if needed.


  1. Radio (works fine however is direct 12 volt, want everything 12 volt to run off converter, to get even battery draw).


  1. Bildge pump wo. rks fine however is direct 12 volt and needs to run off converter.


  1. Install the new owner controller box (save old one for spare parts) in same location as old box with wiring running same direction was before. Insure solid mount off thevdeck and on to bulkhead. Mount in Same location as old controller box.


  1. Install the new owner supplied helm throttle switch (save old one for spares).


  1. I have supplied a new norcold ac/dc refrigerator that should fit. You will find the electrical chord inside fridge along with installation instructions. Read directions on how to remove flange in order to flush mount as cockpit space is tight.  Ok to enlarge opening slightly as I want tight fit. Insure door opens in same direction as old refrigerator. Be gentle with it as I can return to Amazon if it does not fit. Box arrived very beat up so plug in before trying anything to check operation.


  1. I have included 4 new helm switches that I ordered from Duffy. Please replace all

old helm switches with the new switches. Call Duffy tech support if problems

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Terrific, Beau, congratulations on getting it done!  I assume your contractor is in the Panama City area, correct?


Have fun with the Duffy!

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    My throttle on the 98 18’ Catamaran failed yesterday. It is the original one and I think it needs a rebuild/new one. Thoughts on where to get it replaced/rebuilt in Orange County Ca.?

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@rjzajecaol-com Sorry, I'm in South Carolina, so I can't recommend someone in Orange County.  I'd start with a call to Duffy.  They can tell you who they have for a local servicing dealer.  Since you're in California, I'm guessing you have better options than we have here.

Good luck!