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Heater ideas

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I'm stuck waiting for rain to clear so my D21 project boat can be delivered, so I'm doing a lot of armchair construction, trying to plan what I want to go in the boat.  It's a 2002 model, and pretty much a shell, or as I prefer to think of it, a blank canvas.  I'm thinking it should have a heater.  I know the new Duffys have them available.  Does anyone have them?  Are they electric?  Any idea who makes them?  

I once drove through the desert in a 1972 VW bus in the middle of winter.  The heater in the bus was almost useless, so I got a catalytic tent hearer that screwed onto a small propane bottle.  That thing worked surprisingly well, and there was no open flame.  I wonder if there is a suitable version for boats?